With the Path to Glory Knockouts nearing its conclusion, EA has introduced additional content to FC 24 Ultimate Team. Players can now access a new player pick SBC in the game mode.

Overview of the 93+ PTG, MYM or MYM Plus Player Pick SBC

Players now have the opportunity to enhance their teams by completing two squads, which allows them to attempt to acquire a 93+ OVR Path to Glory, Make Your Mark, or Make Your Mark Plus player through this exciting new player pick SBC, featuring a selection of top-tier players!

A fresh SBC has been introduced in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The 93+ PTG, MYM, or MYM Plus Player Pick SBC is now accessible to all players within the game mode.

Top Players You Can Get

Completing this SBC offers you the chance to obtain Path to Glory, Make Your Mark, and Make Your Mark Plus players. Among the remarkable stars you can find are Virgil van Dijk, Florian Wirtz, and Cristiano Ronaldo!

Several of these cards have already achieved a 99 OVR rating, while others are nearing this peak as their national teams compete for international trophies.

SBC Requirements and Rewards: First Squad


  • At least one TOTS or TOTW player must be included in your starting lineup.

  • Minimum team rating should be 87.

Team Composition:


  • Small Prime Mixed Players Pack

SBC Requirements and Rewards: Second Squad


  • You need at least one TOTS or TOTW player in your starting lineup.

  • The team's overall rating must be at least 88.





  • Premium Electrum Players Pack

Completion Costs and Final Thoughts

After submitting both squads, you will be able to open your 93+ PTG, MYM, or MYM Plus Player Pick and discover the new addition to your Ultimate Team.

The cost to complete this SBC is approximately 178k coins . Despite the expense, the potential to obtain a high-value player makes it a worthwhile investment.

Are you planning to complete this SBC? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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