"Royal War" is a game that combines tower defense elements with card collection mechanisms, bringing players a novel and intense battle experience. If you want to experience it, mmowow will help you.

Real-time battle: Players fight against other players in 1v1 or 2v2 mode, to destroy the opponent's king tower or at least get more crowns.
Card system: There are many kinds of cards in the game, divided into three categories: arms, spells, and buildings. Players need to enhance their combat effectiveness by collecting and upgrading cards.
Deck construction: Each player can form a deck of 8 cards, and a reasonable deck combination is the key to victory.

Game mode:
Ladder competition: Qualifying in the arena, increases the number of trophies to enter a higher arena.
Challenge: Including classic challenges and grand prix, offering different rewards.
Tribal War: Players can join a tribe and participate in tribal wars with other members to compete for tribal treasure chests and honors.

Here are some strategy suggestions for using the Prince Boar deck:

- Card combination recommendation: Common Prince Boar decks usually include Prince, Hog Rider, Goblin, Undead, Barbarian, Fireball, and other cards.

The following are some cards suitable for pairing with the Prince Boar deck:

- Goblin: can be used to quickly clear the enemy's defensive buildings and small units, creating better offensive opportunities for Prince and Hog Rider.

- Undead: an air unit that can effectively fight against the enemy's ground forces, and can also cause certain damage to the enemy's defense towers.

- Barbarian: a melee unit that can be used to attract enemy firepower and provide protection for Prince and Hog Rider.

- Fireball: a spell card that can cause range damage to enemy defensive buildings and troops, helping to clear enemy defenses.

- Electric shock spell: can be used to interrupt the enemy's attack rhythm, such as the enemy's Prince charge or Hog Rider jump.

- Elixir Collector: can help players accumulate elixir faster so that they can use Prince and Hog Rider to attack more frequently.
- Skeleton Army: A human sea card that can be used to attract enemy attacks and also cause some damage to enemy ground forces.
- Ice Elf: Able to freeze enemy units, providing control and assistance for the Prince and Hog Rider's attacks.

- Core Strategy: The core strategy of this deck is to use Prince and Hog Rider as the main offensive units, using their high mobility and attack power to quickly rush to the opponent's defense tower. At the same time, cooperate with other cards for defense and auxiliary attack.

- Offensive skills: When attacking, you can first use the Holy Water Collector to accumulate holy water advantages, and then send Prince or Hog Rider to make a tentative attack and observe the opponent's defensive reaction. If the opponent uses a lot of holy water to defend, you can send Goblin or Undead in another lane for a sneak attack. In addition, pay attention to the timing of using Fireball and Electric Shock spells to clear the opponent's defense units or interrupt the opponent's attack rhythm.

- Defensive skills: When defending, you can use cards such as Barbarians and Undead to resist the opponent's offensive units, and use Fireball and Electric Shock spells for long-range attacks. If the opponent uses powerful offensive units such as the Prince or the Hog Rider, you can use the Freeze spell to control their actions and buy yourself time to counterattack.

- Timing: In the game, timing is very important. Pay attention to the opponent's holy water reserves and card usage, and choose the right time to launch an attack. At the same time, pay attention to protecting your defense tower to avoid being easily broken by the opponent.

- Flexibility: The combination and use of the deck needs to be flexibly adjusted according to the opponent's situation. If the opponent uses a large number of air units, you can appropriately increase the number of undead or archer spells; if the opponent uses human wave tactics, you can use fireball or poison spells to clear the field.

It should be noted that the strategy of the deck is not static. You can constantly try and improve it according to your own game experience and the situation of the opponent.

The Prince and the Hog deck is more suitable for use in the following situations:

1. The opponent's defense is weak: If there are not too many defensive buildings and troops around the opponent's defense tower, or they have just used a lot of holy water for defense and the holy water reserves are insufficient, sending the Prince and the Hog Rider to attack at this time often achieves better results.

2. Cost-earning advantage: When you have accumulated a certain amount of elixir advantage through defense or card exchange, and have enough elixir to organize the attack and conduct subsequent defense, you can attack decisively.

3. The opponent's deck has a slow rhythm: If the opponent uses some decks with high elixir consumption and slow offensive rhythm, you can use the mobility and fast offensive characteristics of the Prince Boar deck to frequently put pressure on the opponent.

The Prince Boar deck may have the following disadvantages:

1. Weak air defense: If the opponent has more powerful air units, such as Tengu and Balloon Soldiers, the deck may be more difficult to deal with.

2. Fear of large units: Large units with thick blood such as giants and stone men, if not handled in a timely and effective manner, may attract our defensive firepower and create offensive opportunities for other units of the opponent.

3. Limited spell clearing ability: The spell cards in the deck may not have a comprehensive clearing effect when facing large areas of enemies or multiple defensive buildings.
4. The attack is easy to predict: Since the attack routes of the prince and the wild boar rider are relatively easy to predict, the opponent may make targeted defensive deployments in advance.
5. It is difficult to deal with the building flow deck: If you encounter a deck with a large number of defensive buildings as the core, the attack of the prince and the wild boar rider may be greatly hindered.

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